„Domov musí byť bezpečné miesto pre všetkých“ – „A home must be a safe place for everybody“.
About us
BRIEŽDENIEHunger is not just about bread.
There is also hunger for love.
Nudity is not just about dress, it is
also a lack of human dignity
and the wonderful virtue of purity.
There is also a lack of respect for one another.
Being homeless is not just a brick house,
but it also means to be rejected,
unwanted, unloved…
Mother Teresa




The facility association BRIEŽDENIE is a non-profit and non-governmental organization. Since 2005, we have been working in the field of social assistance for women and children who need social assistance and support or experience violence in families.

The Center POKOJ, the emergency housing facility in the districts of Martin and Turčianske Teplice, is the only facility providing social services with a year-round stay for women and children.
Since the beginning of our operation, we have provided accommodation, assistance and support to 750 clients.


Establishment of the organization by a decision of the Ministry of Interior of the Slovak Republic: 16.10. 2000

Rental of premises: 01.01.2005

Opening the Home for Lonely Parents: 15.12.2005

Transformation of the Emergency Housing Facility: 2008

Transformation to Safe Women’s House: 2016-2017

Capacity of the center: 60 clients


THE ESTABLISHMENT OF THE SECURITY WOMEN’S HOUSE – The Center ROOM was created thanks to the support and funding from the Norwegian Kingdom grant, through the Norwegian Financial Mechanism and thanks to the funding from the state budget of the Slovak Republic. This Safe House is already the fifth house in Slovakia.