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This questionnaire serves as a guideline for identifying violence in a partner relationship.

  • Does your partner humiliate you verbally?
  • Has your partner ever physically attacked ( kick you, choke you, etc.)?
  • Does your partner attack a person outside the home?
  • Does a partner talk about suicide?
  • Is the partner extremely or privately owned by you or your children?
  • Is he checking or watching you?
  • Does your partner force you to do trivial activities or set rules?
  • Are you trying to control, manipulate through children?
  • Do you get enough money or you have to ask for it?
  • Does your partner destroy your favorite things?
  • Is your partner dependent?
  • Has your partner been punished in the past?
  • Do you feel a threat to life or health?
  • After a single attack, the partner tries to justify, promises you will not repeat it again?

If you responded positively to any of these options, you may be dealing with violence in a partnership relationship. If you answered more than half of the questions positively, you live in a violent relationship

Every woman has the right to live without violence, so if you live in a violent relationship, do not tolerate more violence and do not hesitate to seek professional help. Violence alone will not stop!