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To increase your safety when using your mobile phone, you can use the following tips:

If possible, keep your mobile phone nearby.

When storing phone numbers of organizations and institutions that provide assistance and support to women experiencing violence in relationships, save these numbers under the common name. Do not store them under your organization name. Your violent partner can check your phone. If he finds such a number, it can endanger your safety.

Do not leave phone numbers of these organizations and institutions written on paper or business cards where their violent partner could find them (eg in a purse, wallet, pocket, etc.)

If you need to send a message from your mobile phone about the violent situation you are experiencing or the danger that you are having, delete them immediately after sending it from the “Sent messages” folder. From the “Log” folder, always delete your phone numbers and calls from organizations and institutions that you can call back.

In the fast-dialing option, store important phone numbers for threats (such as police, emergency services, people you trust and know about your situation). This will allow you to quickly call these phone numbers if needed.
Some important phone numbers are good for remembering if you suddenly have to leave the apartment or house without the personal items in the emergency situation. In such a situation, it’s also good if you always have coins with you to use a public phone if needed.

Many cell phones give others the ability to locate the place you are. The mobile operator should always send you a notification that someone is trying to find you in the form of a sms. In this case, you may refuse to provide this information. For more information about this service and about the options and rules for its provision, please contact your mobile operator. If you have left a violent partner and you are afraid that he might be looking for you, switch off your mobile and turn it back on again. Similarly, navigation systems used in cars are also available for localization. If you are using the navigation system in your car, turn it off when you go to search for help or leave a violent partner.

If you call the helpline, it is safer to use a deskphone. However, the numbers you call can appear in the detailed call log or in the phone memory. If you are concerned that your partner could monitor your phone calls, use a public phone.