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Center ROOM – Improvement of protection and support services
for Victims of Violence in Families

Currently, the implementation of project DGV03001 – Center “POKOJ” – the improvement of protection and support services for victims of violence in families – CPSS is in progress. The project is implemented under the SK09 program:

“Domestic and gender-based violence”.

The project is supported and funded by the Norwegian Government through the Norwegian Financial Mechanism. It is co-financed from the state budget of the Slovak Republic.

The project is implemented under SK09: Domestic and gender-based violence.

Link to a project contract published in the Central Register of Contracts:

  • Total eligible project expenditure: € 902 380
  • Project grant: € 812 142
  • Project co-financing: € 93,057of this:
  • Material and inventory costs: € 89,538
  • Promotion: € 14,000
  • Construction work: € 600,000
  • The total cost of the project DGV03001: 754 055,12€
  • Project grant: 678 649,61€
  • Project co-financing: 75 405,51€
  • Construction work: 559 878,62€
  • Equipment of the facility: 57 948,92€

Project goal:

  • reconstruction of the main building – extension of the capacity to 40 accommodated
  • improvement of provided social and support services
  • ensuring the sustainability of the project

Project DGV03001 aims to innovate and provide comprehensive social services to victims of domestic violence. The project does not only focus on building works. It also includes activities related to defining and implementing management in Safe Women’s Home, principles of cooperation and contacts between other crisis centers and city and state institutions and health facilities. A key element for the implementation of these activities is the Crisis Management Center and Consultancy in Norway, Netherlands, and experience in the operation of the Emergency Housing Facility Center “POKOJ” since 2005.

Based on employee training and new innovative methods, we plan to develop and improve workflows with our clients.

The project is focused on the following target groups:

  • insecure persons
  • Workers of the Safe Women’s Home
  • participating institutions


  • Facility Association Dobrý Pastier Kláštor pod Znievom
  • Town Hall Kláštor pod Znievom
  • City Hogoveen
  • Center of Pedagogical and Psychological Counseling Martin
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