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Help from volunteers is very important in ensuring and implementing individual activities of our organization, such as:

support groups for women (devoted to children of clients)
preventive activities in schools
interest activities for clients and their children (organizing trips, international day of children, St. Nicholas Day, Christmas, etc.)
campaigns against gender stereotypes, highlighting the seriousness of the problem of violence against women, the need for its right solution, and the promotion of zero tolerance of violence,
If you are interested in becoming a volunteer, please contact us by e-mail at or by calling 0917 287 129.

We are looking forward to our cooperation!

Main goal of support group

The support groups are aimed at providing emotional support, keeping up the social identity of participants, providing education and providing information about the problem, providing support for the environment, and providing social inclusion (Spiegel, 1993).

Support groups offer the opportunity to share experience, mutual help and support, and, in particular, to empower women and children in the sense of ” You are not alone”.

During support groups meetings the clients are under the guidance of social counselors or psychologists who act as facilitators. Topics of support groups are tailored to the current needs of the group’s participants. These include, for example, solving the educational problems, reconstructing the relationship between mother and child, which is disturbed by overwhelmed violence, managing court hearings, assertiveness and communication, managing anger, stress, and stressful situations, finding a job, etc.

Within the support groups, clients are also involved in making various products – paper knitting, knitting wristbands, crochet, etc. This allows clients to share their hobbies, skills, and learn from one another.

In the support group, clients exchange experiences, advice, and recommendations on dealing with stressful events related to the process of stopping violence in an intimate relationship, as well as on everyday life, household issues, child upbringing, and so on.

In view of the above objectives, support groups are a significant strengthening factor not only for women who are currently facing the situation or already solved it but also for women who are considering solving their situation or looking for a response to the question of whether violence is present in their relationship. In relation to children, support groups are a space for sharing children’s leisure time, which can act as an aid in reducing stress and overcoming trauma.