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The aim of our work is to provide comprehensive services to women experiencing violence in couples relationships and their children:

  • providing support and empowering women to gain the strength and conviction to change the situation by their own power
  • we create a safe place for children and women where they can openly talk about their experiences of violence

The main principles of our activity are:

  • be accessible to all women, no matter their nationality, ethnicity, age, marital status, sexual orientation, religion, political affiliation is
  • free counseling services
  • fast and non – bureaucratic help
  • long-term service provision
  • a wide range of services provided
  • apply the principle – women help women
  • understanding violence against women
  • help (workers are on the client side, protect their interests, help protect their rights)
  • paid and trained staff
  • ensuring the safety and protection of women and children
  • to clearly name the problem and take responsibility towards the perpetrator
  • help with self-help and empowerment
  • confidentiality of information
  • respect for women’s participation
  • non-victimizing approach
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