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Our services

Running a Safe Women’s House consists of the following activities:

I. Prevention

  • to point out the gravity of domestic violence, to promote a legal settlement of domestic violence
  • to inform about the situation and procedures the helping professions (doctors, cops, officials) who can come in contact with victims of domestic violence
  • better communication between help institutions, police, authorities, courts and other stakeholders

II.Crisis intervention and assistance

  • stabilize the client
  • planning and realizing immediate steps, finding options and sources of support
  • to provide the temporary safe accommodation
  • help in making various documents
  • intervention in district and other institutions
  • accompany the client in court proceedings
  • personal assistance and intervention in the client’s apartment
  • ensuring safe permanent accommodation
  • Helpline

III. Psychological, social and legal advice

  • preparation of various legal proposals (marriage divorce, interim measure, criminal notification)
  • preparing clients for police and court hearings
  • planning and realizing steps with the client that are needed to solve the problem
  • identify the extent, nature and causes of social need, provide information and solutions, to encourage the client to choose and apply forms of social assistance
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Social counseling

  • helping women and their children with a solution to violence by their husband / partner / father
  • establish a social work plan that respects the decisions and tempo of the client
  • set a work plan to empower clients and their children to live an independent life

Social assistance

  • help the client with children to find a solution for a problem related to the situation of violence
  • help the client interact with the environment, express their needs through observation and training of communication
  • strengthen self-confidence of the client, her belief in her own abilities and the possibility of leading independent full-fledged life without violence

Crisis intervention and crisis counseling

  • providing specialized assistance to women and children in crisis
  • minimize threats for women and children
  • managing the crisis situation

Psychological help

  • helping clients and children with the treatment of trauma
  • strengthen clients and their children
  • restore self-sufficiency and self-esteem
  • support and help clients lead an independent life
  • helping to manage the consequences of surviving violence

Legal assistance

  • help to solve the complicated situations for clients and children
  • assistance of a qualified legal counsel

Support groups

Support groups provide:

  • emotional support
  • to keep the social identity of the participants
  • learning and providing information about the problem
  • providing support to the environs
  • the possibility of sharing experiences, mutual assistance and support
  • strengthening women and children in the sense of “You are not alone.”

Temporary accommodation in Safe Women’s House

Residential service provided pursuant to § 29 of Act no. 448/2008 on social services. The Emergency Housing Facility is based on Western European trends, as well as the project, which gave rise to a Secure Women’s Home Center POKOJ on a secret address.
This service is provided for a fee, is priced according to the price list and in accordance with the service and accommodation contract. The facility had a capacity of 33 people. After a total reconstruction, we will create 40 places for clients in the Safe Women’s Home facility.

Providing accommodation in an emergency housing facility is one of the services that are comprehensive in the goal of empowering clients and their children to start a new, independent life without violence.

Preventive activities

Preventive activities are focused on primary prevention in secondary schools and rural areas. BRIEZDENIE o.z. uses educational materials and documentary films, discussions on gender equality and its relation to gender-based violence.

We consider prevention is one of the ways to get closer to the ideal state of zero tolerance of violence in society, which is the only way to effectively stop violence in the private area.