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Already by looking for our site, you are being less alone with your problem.

Our endeavor will help you find your way out of a violent relationship. You may be afraid, maybe you still believe that time will change. Maybe you no longer have the energy to defend yourself, it seems to you that you can not stop the violence. You feel that you have failed and you are left alone and there is no one to help you.

It is never too late to leave a violent relationship. If you decide to change, you will at the same time encourage those women who remain in a violent.

You are certainly not alone, such troubles are plagued by many women. Our help has already found about 450 women, so you do not have your problem alone. Find help, violence will not stop. There are even a few ways you can get out of the circle of violence.

Your situation is not impassable, try to contact one of your counselors in your area or contact our counseling center. There are professional advisers for you who can help you find a new way of life.

  • No one has the right to commit violence to you.
  • Violence can not be excused.
  • Violence will not stop!
  • The bully will not change!
  • The violent is the one responsible for it!
  • Violence can not be excused!
  • The behavior of the abuser is conscious and targeted!
  • At present, there are about 250,000 women in Slovakia who are being subjected to violence.
  • Do not tolerate violence together!
  • Everyone has the right to live without violence and does not deserve to be abused./li